Unwavering industry experts, dedicated to improving the blockchain ecosystem.

Blink Labs

An infrastructure development company creating high-quality, highly-available open-source software and bespoke solutions on the Cardano blockchain.

Blink Labs has a long history of building and advocating in Open Source, including prior experience governing decentralised open-source bodies (e.g. Gentoo Linux, Ansible, etc.). They comprised of seasoned infrastructure experts with experience building large private cloud and data processing infrastructure at global scale for some of the biggest names in Silicon Valley. They are bridging the gap by bringing this expertise from Web2 to Web3 and Cardano. Now focused on building out a Go ecosystem for Cardano from the ground up, with the goal of creating an alternative node implementation.

Cardano Foundation

An independent, Swiss-based not-for-profit organisation tasked with advancing the public digital infrastructure of Cardano and with supporting its community.

The Cardano Foundation is one of the pioneering entities of the Cardano infrastructure, and has built many relations with stakeholders such as industry representatives, developers, Cardano community members, regulators, and policymakers. Since 2022, the Cardano Foundation has been ramping up its engineering capabilities to nurture and develop high-quality open-source software tools for the Cardano ecosystem. Today, the Cardano Foundation comprises multiple individuals from various backgrounds, including long-standing Cardano community members and Open Source advocates.


Crypto ecosystem builders, building high-quality crypto products that unify the user experience within blockchain ecosystems.

dcSpark believes that an alternative node implementation is vital to unblocking Cardano adoption, particularly when it comes to layer-two infrastructures. dcSpark’s founders have been involved in Cardano since its inception and have deep, extensive knowledge of its internals as well as a strong reputation in the ecosystem. Through projects like Milkomeda and Flint, they have also explored EVM chains extensively. Their focus is now on Zero-knowledge solutions, as well as contributing to a strong foundation for gaming in Web3 through their contributions to the Paima Studios game engine.

Sundae Labs

A software firm that conceptualises, designs, and builds innovative and decentralised software to power the next generation of global financial services.

Sundae Labs comes with the battle scars from pioneering products on Cardano DeFi. Sundae Labs brings expertise in software design and development, as well as a versatile panel of development skills (Rust, Go, Haskell, …). Being involved through many parts of the Cardano ecosystem, Sundae Labs brings use cases and the means to contribute towards their delivery.


A software development company strongly focusing on user experience, working on blockchain tools and leveraging Open Source as a methodology.

TxPipe brings expertise in Rust with years of experience building on Cardano and even more years building on distributed architectures. TxPipe has a large and growing developer community gathering around the TxPipe’s Discord server. In the long run, TxPipe hopes to serve as mentors, incubate, support and give exposure to smaller projects beginning their journey on Cardano.