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Aiken is a modern and accessible programming language, specifically created to both simplify and enhance the development of smart contracts on Cardano. It comes in an easy to learn syntax, designed for effortless integration with other tools and languages, plus includes various state-of-the-art features that meet the current expectations of developers.

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An alternative Rust node client for the Cardano blockchain. Aimed as an entrypoint for client applications initially, it aspires to become a full block-producing node running side-by-side the Haskell nodes to further increase the decentralisation of the platform while fostering its rich open source ecosystem.

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Who we are

A team of passionate software engineers

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PRAGMA aims to foster an alternative open-source ecosystem for Cardano and beyond. We are a team of passionate software engineers from various backgrounds who build open-source tools for developers aiming for mass adoption. Learn about PRAGMA

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A collective open-source strategy

We want to build software solutions that increase blockchain’s utility and adoption, inasmuch as they also provide business value for ecosystem actors.

By delivering solutions in small steps, we intend to involve other builders to create strong open-source communities. Projects under PRAGMA are open to contributions and will onboard those who want to get involved.